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Accessibility at dxw

At dxw, our mission is to build services that fit seamlessly into user’s lives, and that make public services usable and accessible to all – especially those most in need.

To achieve that mission, we must create services that work well for people with accessibility needs.

We know that accessibility needs vary widely, and can conflict. So designing and building accessible public services needs careful thought and sometimes difficult decisions.

The guides in this accessibility manual help us all take a consistent and effective approach to accessibility.

Understanding accessibility #

Our guide to understanding accessibility explains terms like accessibility needs, disability, assistive technology, and the different ways of thinking about disability.

Accessibility obligations #

Our guide to our accessibility obligations:

Accessibility standards #

Our guide to accessibility standards identifies and describes the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and other standards we may need to comply with.

Guidance for your profession #

We have guides to help each of our professions play their full part in making everything we do accessible: